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The Potato Soil Health Project was established to address two related issues with soil health in potato cropping systems across the U.S.:  (1) despite the frequent use of fumigation in most farms, pressure from soil-borne diseases is increasing over time, and (2) at the same time, soil productivity is declining.  Our overall objectives are to determine how best to measure soil health in potato cropping systems, identify the tools (cover crops, soil amendments, rotation schemes) that best enhance both soil health and tuber production, and communicate our findings to potato growers.

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December 14, 2020.

Zoom meeting for project researchers.  The results of an internal researcher survey were presented.  Respondents had positive things to say about project coordination and progress.  More clarity is desired on data usage, analysis, and overarching hypotheses.  Most researchers want assistance with microbiome data.  We are setting up a Slack workspace to help researchers connect.  Objective 1 microbiome data for 2019 are out, and Objective 2 should be out soon.  We expect the 2020 data to be out by spring.  A grower survey went out through Spudman, and the response has been good.  We have released six soil health factsheets to date, with more on the horizon.  These are the first kernels of our soil health manual(s).  We will be presenting our first webinar in late winter 2021 through Spudman.  We are presenting a poster at Potato Expo 2021.  See “Presentations” on the Education tab of this website.

October 8, 2020.

Zoom meeting for project researchers.  Objective 3 researchers will share their grower survey through Spudman in the first week of November.  A crop budget pilot project produced flawed results because yield assumptions were based on small-plot studies, not grower yields.  This will be corrected.  All researchers have completed tuber harvests for Objective 1 and have either finished grading them or expect to within the week.  Project data is on Box Secure Storage, and Objective 1 microbiome data from 2019 will be available in each team’s Box folder in early November.  Objective 2 microbiome data is expected in early December.  Three soil health factsheets have been published so far, with three more in the works and four topics in queue.  Planning is underway for webinars, hopefully in mid-January.  We are planning to present a poster at the next Potato Expo:  “What is soil health in a potato cropping system?  Update from the SCRI Potato Soil Health Project.”  We will meet again in December.

August 28, 2020.

We submitted our annual progress report to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), which supports this project through a Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant.  Stakeholders were updated on our progress on each objective of the project and our plans for the next two years.

August 25, 2020.

We conducted a stakeholders meeting via Zoom.  Project stakeholders were updated on the progress we have made in each objective.  Deana Knuteson was announced as our new hire for extension and outreach development (Objective 4) for the Midwest/Eastern region.

June 24, 2020.

Zoom meeting for project researchers.  Despite some delays and rearrangements due to COVID-19, research is progressing well.  Unfortunately, Co-Project Director Noah Rosenzweig is leaving both Michigan State University and the Potato Soil Health Project to pursue an opportunity in state government.  We wish him the best.  We have an opportunity to collaborate with researchers at the Real Food Campaign.  They are interested in how soil health influences potato quality, including nutrient density and secondary compounds.  Several of our researchers expressed interest.  We have a progress report due to USDA at the end of August.  We will need everybody’s help to pull this together!