Interview with Carl Rosen on Potato Soil Health

By Natilia Cervantes |  Potato-Cast

"In this episode, Potatoes USA Conversation Architect, Natalia Cervantes, interviews Carl Rosen, Head of the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at the University of Minnesota. Rosen joins Potato-Cast for a discussion about a soil health project that was brought to the Potato Research Advisory Committee back in 2018."

Improving Soil Health

By Denise Keller |  Potato Country

"Support from the Columbia Basin potato industry helped secure funding for a project studying soil health, now underway at Oregon State University (OSU).  The work is part of a multi-state research project and one of several soil health projects covered at the OSU Potato Field Day, held June 26 at OSU's Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center."


Always Learning

Elevating potato research in Colorado and throughout the world

By Sarah Ehrlich  |  Potato Grower

“Farmers are scientists whether they want to say it or not,” Jahn said. “Oftentimes they are the first to know about a problem and do the science to see what might work. There’s value that you have as a researcher when you have a committed grower group who wants to help contribute to make your science go farther.”


Potato pathogens meet their match through $8 million research initiative

By Anne Manning  |  Colorado State University 

"The project’s aim is to marshal interstate expertise to fully understand all factors affecting soil health and soil-borne potato diseases, which account for half of all annual U.S. potato crop losses. In the U.S., potatoes are grown on more than 1 million acres in 30 states, with a farm-to-gate value of $4 billion. The top producing states, comprising four major growing regions, include: Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine and Colorado." 


Digging in on Soil Health 

Multimillion-dollar research initiative aims to give growers concrete advice on improving soil health

By Scott Stuntz  |  Spudman

"Unlike other efforts, this project is aimed specifically at improving soil health in growing potatoes. In addition, the project will also specifically focus on the economic viability of different practices and will engage growers on their adoption." 


Media Contact

Want to do a story on the project, access photos, or set up an interview? Contact James Crants at the University of Minnesota, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at [email protected] or 612-625-2713. 

Small plot harvest

MN harvest crew cropped
Matt McNearney

Metam sodium application

Metam sodium applied to Minnesota study plots
Matt McNearney

Scab on a red potato

Scab on a red potato in the sorting shed
Michelle Marks